Moeller M22 Pushbuttons

M22 Pushbutton Overview

Moeller Stacklights

Attractive and easy to handle; this is the combination of characteristics that distinguishes Moeller Electric's RMQ Titan range. Ergonomic design through actuator elements shaped to the curve of the fingertip, Convertible maintained or spring-return function with all maintained pushbutton actuators, Complies with all international standards and regulations such as IEC/EN 60 947, UL, CSA, and CE and so much more! Call today for superior service and tech support with upgrading to Moeller Electric.

  1.  4 Position Selector Swith Actuators
  2.  Front Label for 4-Way Selector Switch/Joystick
  3.  Fixing Adapter
  4.  Contact Element
  5.  Inscription Software
  6.  Enclosure
  7.  Telescopic Clip
  8.  Centering Adapter
  9.  Distribution Board Rail Adapter
  10.  Label Plate
  11.  Acoustic Indicator
  1.  Buzzer
  2.  Potentiometer
  3.  Frontring
  4.  Indicator Light
  5.  Key Switch
  6.  Selector Switch
  7.  Button Plate/Button Lens
  8.  Pushbutton
  9.  Emergency-Stop Button
  10.  Joystick
  11.  4-Position Button